Despite investment markets experiencing a turbulent first half of 2018, it is concerns relating to the uncertainty surrounding the UK political climate, which have brought the most evocative reactions from clients this year. The Brexit process and potential impact of a change in government bring with them many imponderables, and as a result we have seen an interest from a number of clients who, whilst not having the immediate intention of leaving the UK, would like to understand the implications of doing so should they feel it was required. Taxation is a key consideration in any financial plan and rarely more so than when changing jurisdiction.

We hold relationships with specialists across a wide range of disciplines in order to provide clients with a truly holistic service. As such, in this Special Briefing, we are pleased to introduce Sean Bannister, Tax Partner at Edwin Coe LLP, to explore this topic further by looking at the key areas specifically related to tax that individuals need to consider as part of any exit plan.

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