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Early stage: building your career
Mid-stage: consolidating your career
Mature stage: maximising your career
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Last year, Saunderson House published its report on Financial Wellbeing which identified the key factors that can create a sense of wellbeing for High Net Worth individuals.

We look at the theme of wellbeing again in our latest guest authored article by James Quick, Associate Director at Fox Rodney Search, who will explore how you can help to achieve wellbeing in life by making the right choices at the different stages of your career.

Saunderson House holds relationships with specialists across a wide range of disciplines in order to provide clients with a truly holistic service.


James Quick, Associate Director, Fox Rodney Search

How do you successfully set career goals, recognise ambition and realise potential? How do you re-align your career plan to accommodate for new opportunities? What happens to your plan when life throws one of its inevitable curveballs: redundancy, divorce, bereavement, health issues or a combination of a few?

In today’s world, we have more freedom to shape our lives than ever before. This comes with the added pressure to consistently make the right decisions – for our careers, homes, families, relationships, finances, and physical and mental health. Making informed career choices is inextricably linked to wellbeing across many of these areas of life. Knowing and understanding how to career plan effectively, and throughout life changes, requires considerable care, sound advice and attention.

Building long-term relationships with trusted advisers is a key part of planning. As an international legal search firm, Fox Rodney Search has helped many people over the years to successfully build and navigate their careers around significant life events and personal decisions. Working in partnership is about supporting individuals to move into roles they’ve dreamt of achieving, but also being able to present unexpected opportunities in tune with career aspirations, against a backdrop of achieving wider personal and financial goals.

Early stage: building your career

You’re on the career ladder but you are still feeling your way: is this the right firm, role or career for you? Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? This is likely to be the time when you start saving and first put a financial plan together, with perhaps the intention to buy a property and when you might commit to a relationship/get married and have children.

If you are a young and aspiring lawyer, through our dedicated Associates division, this would be the stage in which we at Fox Rodney Search get to know you. We would help you to understand the many options open to you with firms that are quickly adapting their workplaces to meet increasingly different employee expectations, and we would support you to shape a path that best delivers against your personal goals. Similar principles apply to many other roles in the professional services sector.

Mid-stage: consolidating your career

This is typically the stage to review career progress in the context of your long-term goals.  Alternatively, this may be when you change direction: move firm or country even, take your skills down new avenues, find the flexibility for the life you want to live, launch your own business or take a sabbatical. You may also find yourself facing personal challenges and increased commitments – perhaps substantial school fees, ageing parents or bereavement.

You will probably start thinking more about making wise financial investments for your future too – which will be an incentive to ensure your workplace is fully rewarding your skills and expertise.

In the legal sector, this is the stage when you are likely to be making some major decisions around whether to aim for partnership, move to a different law firm that more closely reflects your core values or seek an alternative career in law. A robust and insightful relationship with a recruiter can reap dividends, as they will have taken the time to get to know you and can align their understanding of your needs with their in-depth market knowledge to deliver tailored advice. They can also act as an informed and impartial partner for sensitive and confidential career conversations.

Mature stage: maximising your career

This is a critical time: career decisions made now will impact the rest of your life. By this point, you may have achieved some of your earlier career goals and it is the time when you will need to focus on maximising your retirement savings. Do you feel fully recognised for the considerable expertise you deliver at this stage in your career or could another opportunity bring you what you are looking for? If you decide to move on, your recruiter should be acting as a strong negotiator with the ability to broker the best possible financial deal for you, whatever your motivation for moving on, whether financial or not.

You may also be starting to think about how retirement will affect your career. In law, retirement ages, as well as expectations on senior members of staff, differ as much as they do in a variety of other professional industries. But forced retirement at a relatively young age can occur. This provides for unexpected opportunities and positive challenges elsewhere, but such steps need to be thought through and explored well in advance.

In fact, this stage of life is when a good recruitment partner truly comes into their own. A decision to change roles at this point takes significant consideration. A trusted adviser who understands how your career has developed over the years, as well as the market and opportunities at this unique career stage will be well placed to deliver opportunities that are both challenging and fulfilling, as well as providing the right cultural fit.

Steps forward

It can be easy to fall into the trap of allowing life to happen to you rather than being proactive and planning. But building relationships with expert advisers can be the key to bringing a sense of control to the many choices facing us all today. Secure the right relationship and it can be a source of trusted insight and support for many years to come.


About the Author

James Quick joined Fox Rodney Search in 2018 as Associate Director.   He has over 15 years’ recruitment experience, including a decade of law firm experience focusing on private client, family and personal services practices.

James has handled the two largest team/department moves in private client and family history and has managed assignments for the top echelons of the private wealth space and for West End, City, International and US firms. James shares his time between candidate representation and search assignments and has, outside of private client and family, worked in additional areas such as employment, immigration and property.




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