On the 18th November, Saunderson House hosted a client webinar: Responsible Investing at Saunderson House. In this webinar Kirsten Pettigrew, Chartered Financial Planner and chair for the event was joined by Tony Overy, CEO; John Hill, Head of Proposition; and Bogdan Pop, Investment Analyst.

The event shone a light on our new Responsible Investing approach; how it has evolved and what’s new, how we deliver it, and how does it stand out from other ESG type investment offerings. The webinar also included some of the results from this year’s Financial Wellbeing report: Financial Wellbeing in an Age of Responsibility.

Tony kicked off the webinar, by talking about how ESG has evolved over the years and what Saunderson House is doing as a firm to manage and mitigate against these risks; including putting together an ESG committee to address these issues from an operational perspective.

During the webinar, we ran three poll questions facilitated by Kirsten to better understand our clients’ views on responsible investing and to get some audience participation. The questions and poll results are shown below:

What is your greatest concern (if any) around adopting a Responsible Investing approach?

What motivates you most to adopt a Responsible Investing approach?

How much of your portfolio would you consider allocating to a Responsible Investing approach?

Bogdan did a deeper diver of how the Responsible Investing models have been structured, and guided us through the strict levels of due diligence that Saunderson House undertakes to ensure that our Responsible Investing portfolios not only meet the appropriate ESG standards, but also deliver long-term performance for clients.

John concluded by saying that a lot has changed over the last few years with ESG, so if investors do have any preconception, it’s worth taking another look at Responsible Investing. There are now sufficient ESG funds available to put together highly diversified portfolios, to have a negative screen of the most controversial industries, and to have a stringent criteria that the fund houses and fund managers need to meet.

During the Q&A, there were lots of interesting questions about Responsible Investing, from how do you avoid “green washing”? and how can responsible investing be applied across different asset classes? through to how is it possible to achieve the same level of investment performance, compared to conventional investments?

You can watch an on-demand version of the webinar here.


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