We have just launched our fourth annual Financial Wellbeing research report. The research provides an insight into the pressing issues facing High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), particularly those with backgrounds in professional and financial services.


As you can see in the graph below, the primary concern in 2021 is a potential deterioration in mental and physical health, a timely reminder that financial wellbeing is much more than just a number. Concerns about inflation and rising taxes have also come to the fore over the last year, especially the potential impact on the next generation.



From the discussions in focus groups this year, we know that HNWIs are keener than ever to discuss how they can gift or feather-boost their children. And, while Covid-19 has demonstrated a level of adaptability in all of us, some HNWIs doubt their ability and knowledge when it comes to financial resilience.

You can download the report ‘Financial Wellbeing: Family, Tax and Inflation’ via this link or the button below:


Feel free to share your opinion or feedback and if you should have any questions after reading the report, please do get in touch.

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