A day in the life of…

Dipita Khatri, HR and Learning & Development Manager

Joined Saunderson House in 2018. 






I joined Saunderson House as an experienced hire to be a dedicated resource looking after all the learning and development activity for the business.

The role I applied for was full-time, however at my first interview I discussed whether the role could be done in 4 days with flexible working arrangements (earlier start and earlier finish times). As it was a job and firm I really wanted to work for, as soon as my manager said it could be done part time and with flexible working, I was over the moon and accepted the job offer.

With two school- age children, my work-life balance is very important to me, so having the flexibility to start and finish early, with at least 1 day a week working from home has meant that I can balance my work and home life.

Whilst I was hired to look after learning and development, the role I am now doing involves so much more, and I am developing and growing my career in ways that I didn’t think was possible.  I have been encouraged to take control of my career and put my hand up to participate in many different projects. I am now involved in Diversity Initiatives, Internal Communication, Performance Management, managing the relationship with our HR system partner as well as our engagement platform provider- I can see how the work I do supports our staff, and that is really rewarding.

No two days are the same for me: some days, I will spend it talking to training providers, or running inductions, reviewing e-learning materials, other times I will be updating and enhancing our engagement platform “SHine”, testing upgrades to our HR system or working on various projects. I come to work excited about what I have to do, and leave work with a smile on my face because of what I have achieved.

I was lucky enough to join Saunderson House during a period of change, so the opportunities have been great.

Wellbeing has an increased focus for the business, and I volunteered along with 14 of my colleagues from across the organisation to be a fully trained mental health first aider, which we hope demonstrates the firm’s commitment to ensuring our staff are looking after their mental health.

One thing that really struck me when I joined was what a friendly and welcoming place Saunderson House is.  I was made to feel very welcome by everyone because it’s a very sociable place. Having worked in lots of different places, the benefits offered are fantastic and for me personally its been a great career move.

I am expecting to be at Saunderson House for a very long time.