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Mark Everitt

Mark joined the industry 15 years ago and studied for a degree in Geography. Mark joined Saunderson House in March 2006. He has progressed through the Saunderson House graduate scheme and is now responsible for advising c70 of his own clients and running a team of Financial Planners.

Mark has been a Chartered Financial Planner since 2010 and holds the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. He has been authorised to provide advice since April 2009, and is also a Certified Financial Planner.

Within his role he is responsible for managing clients’ overall financial planning matters, consulting with them on issues of strategy, technical matters and the construction of investment portfolios. Mark has developed significant experience in advising clients on holistic planning strategy and portfolio construction as they transition through the different phases of their careers and into retirement.

Mark is passionate about helping clients accumulate, preserve and pass on their wealth so that they can support their lifestyle, immediate family and future generations.

When he gets the chance between work and spending time with his family, Mark enjoys playing rugby and travelling.

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Mark Everitt
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