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Swaati Taylor

Swaati joined Saunderson House in 2007 after graduating from the University of Southampton where she studied BSC Economics and Finance and MSc International Financial Markets.

Swaati is a Chartered Financial Planner, holds the Advance Diploma in Financial Planning and became authorised to provide financial advice in January 2015. Swaati is also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

As part of her role, Swaati is responsible for managing clients’ overall financial planning, providing a holistic service to help grow their wealth.

Swaati currently looks after HNW clients, specifically partners in law firms, as well as a ex-captain of a county cricket team, a current CFO of a PE firm and ex CEOs of major corporations.

Swaati most enjoys the ability to get to know her clients and understand their concerns so that she can ensure they meet their objectives in the long run. Specifically she has helped clients to rebuild their financial position following change in career or divorce and provided forecasting to assist clients with their decision on when to retire (for some it has been earlier than they had anticipated!). With many clients lacking the time to tend to their own financial matters, given their hectic schedules, Swaati prides herself on her team being able to provide a safe pair of hands ensuring that various tax allowances are fully utilised and that the portfolio is always invested in line with the client’s overall objectives.

Outside of work, Swaati enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, cooking, watching cricket and travelling to places she’s not been to before.