We have been working with the Big 4 accounting firms consistently for the last 25 years, and we currently provide financial advice and investment management services to over 300 current and former Partners at KPMG, across the UK.

This gives us an intimate knowledge of the firm’s internal arrangements and an excellent working relationship with their Partner Independence team and Partnership Tax team.

Our knowledge and track record of KPMG independence matters means that we have developed a KPMG White List of pre-approved and centrally monitored investments, available to all KPMG UK partners and directors.  This should eliminate the need for KICS updates within a Saunderson House portfolio with only one ‘Saunderson House’ entry required and furthermore, ensure that your investments will always be fully compliant with independence requirements, allowing you to invest safely without fear of breaching any rules.

Meet our experts:

Olly Cheng

Olly started at Saunderson House in 2008, following the completion of an M.Phil in Social and Economic History from the University of Oxford. He is a Chartered Financial Planner and also has a diploma from the Society of Trust and Estate practitioners (STEP).

From the start of Olly’s career at Saunderson House he has been involved in the team advising KPMG partners.  Over the years this has involved everything from providing the compliance reporting data to clients (in the days before this could be reported through a single Saunderson House KICS entry) through to providing complex estate planning for retired partners.

Olly has been authorised to provide advice directly to clients since 2012, and has been part of our Technical Research team since 2011. For those clients who work with Olly, he is responsible for their overall financial planning, providing a combination of strategy, technical advice and  investment planning. His aim with his clients is to build a strong relationship and knowledge of their circumstances, which then allows him to answer the big picture questions around retirement, gifting and estate planning as they arise.

Outside of work, Olly enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.  Having given up playing rugby a few years ago, he has been keen to take on some new sporting challenges, and in the last couple of years has completed a Tough Mudder and a triathlon, which help offset his love of food.


Ian McNally

Ian began his career in Financial Services in 1986 with Willis Faber and has subsequently gained a breadth of experience across the financial services industry.

Ian first started serving partners in professional firms across the City after joining Minets, the major professional indemnity broker and transferred as part of a negotiated sale to Saunderson House in 1998. Ian is particularly committed to client service, is a Chartered Financial Planner and takes a keen interest in inheritance tax and technical pensions issues.

Ian has been serving KPMG Partners since 1993 and although he no longer takes on new clients is available to share his knowledge and experience of working with KPMG people over three decades.

A senior retired Partner commented; “Ian has been a great support to me and my wife in planning and managing our finances. His advice, in good times or bad, has added value. I have found him trustworthy, reliable, responsive and proactive”.

Nick Field

Nick joined Saunderson House in 2007 on the Graduate Programme after studying economics and management at the University of Leeds.

Nick has been working with KPMG Partners consistently for the past c10 years, over which time he has gained significant knowledge on the independence restrictions along with the other features and benefits of the partnership.

Within his role he is responsible for managing clients’ overall financial planning matters, consulting with them on issues of strategy, technical matters and the construction of investment portfolios.

Nick particularly enjoys the interaction with clients and helping to guide them through the various different phases of their careers and into financial independence, meaning that they no longer have to worry about their finances.

Nick also specialises in long-term cash flow forecasting, enabling clients to (amongst other things) assess the level of risk they need to take to achieve their financial goals or even to decide when they can afford to retire.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys travelling and both playing and watching sports.

Tom McLintock

Tom joined Rathbones Financial Planning in 2018 as the departments Training & Competence Supervisor. Since 2020 he has been responsible for the development and growth of the Rathbones Advice service which works alongside and compliments the Financial Planning team, looking to provide cost effective advice services to individuals at the beginning of their savings and wealth planning journey.

He began his career with Hargreaves Lansdown 14 years ago and is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and Chartered Financial Planner.  His experience in working as a financial adviser covering a broad range of topics and latterly as a supervisor and manager gives him an in depth and all round understanding of the needs of the client

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