In February we presented our ‘Asset Allocation Journey’ over the past three years, which detailed some of the key changes made over that period, and their impact on portfolio profile and performance. This note will take a closer look at our investment decisions made over broadly the last year and a half, assessing the period in which the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted markets.

We will not only review the impact of our top-down asset allocation changes, but also the changes we have made within asset class positioning that have added diversification and resilience to portfolios over the period. Before reviewing our asset allocation journey over the past year and a half in detail, it is worth revisiting the scale and speed of the market moves driven by the Coronavirus pandemic, and putting these in a historical context against other significant market events of the past few decades.

Although we discussed these characteristics a numbers of times last year and at the start of 2021, they are worth reviewing to remind ourselves of the unprecedented nature of the market moves in reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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