Let our financial planning experts help you to achieve your life goals

Are you seeking assistance with cash-flow planning? Or perhaps you could benefit from specialist advice on your pension pot? No matter what your aims and aspirations, Saunderson House is on hand to help. We provide detailed and comprehensive financial planning services to match the unique needs of our clients – be they high-net-worth individuals, charities, or trusts.

When it comes to putting in motion the plans that will help secure your future, we believe there is no time like the present. But personal financial planning can be a sensitive topic. And that means it is important that you can turn to someone you trust. At Saunderson House, our team can offer the in-depth expertise you need to make informed decisions about your personal finances.

How can Saunderson House help?

Based in London but offering true UK-wide coverage, our team gets to the heart of your financial planning needs. For something so personal and fundamental to the direction of your life, you are in the driving seat. We listen to your aspirations and requirements. From this, we can put in place the most appropriate plan to attain your goals.

How we help you to achieve your ambitions can take many forms. As a leading financial planning company, however, we have a dedicated team of experts who ensure you can make sense of all the options available. With our depth of knowledge, you will receive all the information you need to make informed financial decisions. It is your future. We will put you in control of it.

What is financial planning?

In broad terms, it is the process of organising your finances. The objective? To give you the best chance of achieving your goals and aspirations. We offer a holistic financial planning service that analyses all areas of your finances – assets, investments, savings, and more.

Your financial planning analyst can also help you uncover what it is you really want to achieve in the short, medium, or long term. This can be anything from early retirement, gifting to loved ones, or moving to a larger home. Our services are fully based around your specific aims and needs.

As time goes by, we understand that your ideas about what you want in the future might evolve. Your circumstances may well change too. If so, this is not a problem. By working closely alongside you at all times, our specialists can accommodate and anticipate these changes within your plan.

Is financial planning the same as wealth management?

Both a financial planner and a wealth manager will have the same broad objective: to advise on and develop strategies to fulfil your goals. But, while similar in this sense, there is one key point to remember when understanding the difference between the two.

In financial planning and budgeting, you and your adviser take a broad, comprehensive view of your situation. It considers many of the day-to-day aspects that can help maintain and improve your lifestyle. It can also be forward-looking, such as preparing you for your retirement.

Wealth management, however, is focused on protecting and growing your existing wealth. It can form part of a wider, high-net-worth, individual financial planning strategy. And it can share many of the same objectives. But it is about the role of actual accumulated wealth in achieving them.

Why is future financial planning important?

No matter your hopes and aspirations in life, future financial planning is important to ensure you can achieve them. After all, such matters cannot be left to chance. At Saunderson House, that is how our skilled advisers can help. And, for us, it all starts by finding out what you want.

Quite simply, our specialist financial planning advice can support you in a number of ways:

Why choose Saunderson House?

At Saunderson House, our financial planning specialists have a deep understanding of the things that matter most to our clients. And our bespoke service and attention to detail bring clarity and peace of mind. For us, the emphasis is always on providing a strong client-adviser bond.

We also hold Corporate Chartered Financial Planners status. This means you can be sure that all our advisers are committed to the highest standards of knowledge and ethical practice. Our goal is that all our advisers gain individual Chartered status too.

For further proof of our capabilities, Saunderson House is proud to be an award-winning financial planning company. So, you can rest assured that – by choosing us – we will provide you with the premium service you need. Our team is ready to listen and help you achieve your financial goals.

What financial planning services

Your dedicated Saunderson House adviser can support you across all areas of personal financial planning. Our high degree of experience and knowledge means we can offer specialist guidance in areas such as:

  • Cash-flow planningDetailed cash-flow planning can clarify your future financial needs and how to achieve your goals. Using our in-house cash-flow forecasting model, we give you a detailed forecast tailored to your specific goals and circumstances.
  • Pension planning: As pension legislation constantly changes, it is important to establish a robust pension strategy. Our advisers work with you to develop the retirement plan that suits you and your current situation.
  • Estate planning: Developing an appropriate estate planning strategy is an essential part of long-term financial planning in the UK. Our dedicated team of experts will assist you in navigating the tax rules that can influence how your wealth is distributed, helping you put in place robust structures to ensure your affairs are settled long before you pass away.
  • Tax-year planning: It can be easy to lose track of your financial planning towards the end of the tax year. But clever planning for year’s end can secure your future. You can decide to put more into a pension fund. Or maximise Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowances. You may also wish to consider your annual Capital Gains Tax exemptions. This is something we are happy to assist with, thanks to our year-end tax checklist.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: Inheritance Tax (IHT) can have major implications for your loved ones when you pass away. But our personal financial planning advisers are here to build strategies that can better manage, reduce, or even eliminate how much IHT is paid.

The financial planning process explained

Your adviser is here to support your needs and ambitions as best we can. To do this, our aim is to make the process as simple as it can be. Your time is precious, whether you are still working or enjoying later life. And, while there is a lot to consider when it comes to financial planning, it is our role to take the stress and uncertainty out of it.

Our tried and tested process involves:

  • Getting to know your current situation and the direction you want to go. This can be on a short or long-term basis. After all, it is your life and your finances.
  • With your goals and timescales in mind, we will create a bespoke roadmap that will help you to make the right moves to achieve your aims.
  • In developing your roadmap, our financial planning advice will cover all the areas that are important to you: tax allowances, financial independence, or later-life planning.
  • Once you are happy that the right goals are in place, your Saunderson House personal financial planning adviser will enact the plans and strategies most relevant to you.
  • Things can change and situations can evolve. As such, your adviser continually reviews and refreshes your financial plan to ensure it is always in tune with your life goals.

Who can benefit from our financial planning advice?

you uncertain if financial planning is for you? Do you feel as though you don’t qualify for specialist advice? Let us put to rest some of those queries. We are here for anyone who has financial goals – and wants to know how to achieve them.

We support high net worth individuals or anyone with a minimum portfolio value of £500,000 – subject to your unique circumstances. No matter what those circumstances may be, our advice is always based on your specific short and long-term goals.

At the same time, we also have significant experience in supporting individuals and organisations in . Accountants, doctors, charities, lawyers, entrepreneurs and more – our services provide real value when your time is otherwise focused on what you do to take care of your finances.

Is financial planning expensive?

For some people, the cost and associated value of financial planning is important to know. After all, making the most of your money is what the process is all about. At the first stage, however, this is not a concern. Your first consultation with us will be free of charge, allowing you to learn more about us and vice versa. From there, we can advise you on the next stages.

In terms of fees, there is an initial cost if you decide you want us to create a bespoke plan. And a fee will be payable should you decide to retain the services of your Saunderson House adviser. All this is explained from the outset, means you can decide if our financial planning service is not for you. Similarly, we will also advise if we do not believe you will get that value.

It is your money, and you should be in full control of its future – even if this does mean seeking professional financial planning advice. You certainly have the ability to manage some aspects of your finances there are resources available to help you achieve that.

But getting professional advice can be invaluable.

Your Saunderson House adviser will be able to offer you the benefit of their full experience. Out of this will come tailored and informed recommendations for your finances.

Past research from the International Longevity Centre highlights how important proper financial planning advice can be too. By , who took advice between 2001 and 2006 were better off by an average of £47,706 when compared to those who did not.

What are the next steps?

Live in the UK and feel you could benefit from specialist financial planning? It could not be easier to get started with Saunderson House. First, contact us via our website or by calling us. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, we shall arrange a no-obligation consultation in person or over the phone to discuss your specific needs.

Look to the future with confidence. Let us help put the right plans in place to achieve all your life goals – no matter what they are. After all, there is no time like the present.


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