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Working with Business owners and Fintech leaders to achieve their financial goals

As a business owner or Fintech executive, you probably encounter various financial challenges alongside your professional commitments. The extremely busy nature of your working life can leave little time for attending to financial arrangements which require careful attention. You might experience complications surrounding the overlap within your personal and business finances and find it a challenge balancing risk in your business and investment portfolio.

By working with an experienced wealth manager, we can help provide clarity on your future financial position and help you make use of the financial planning opportunities that may arise as a result of your circumstances as a business owner or Fintech executive.  Whether you are working in a start-up or a more established business, our expert advisers can help you with areas including:

  • Advice around shares planning, whether moderate or very significant. You may have accumulated shareholdings from various sources, such as holdings in company share schemes. Our advisers with specialist expertise will analyse this and construct the most suitable investment portfolio accordingly.
  • Using all appropriate tax allowances and efficiencies, including advice on the tax implications and efficient disposal of any share entitlements, and aligning your wider portfolio and business interests.
  • Occupational pension schemes. You may be a member of a scheme to which you or your company contribute, and adhering to schemes and their specific rules is crucial. Importantly we can help plan for matters such as:
    – Annual pension allowance
    – Lifetime allowance
    – The benefits available to your family
  • We can also advise on investment and tax planning within your business as well as personal finances. Your business may benefit from advice around:
    – Investing surplus cash within your business
    – Employee pension schemes
    – Life cover and other benefits
    – Key person insurance.
  • Your wider firm benefits and how they fit with your personal and family financial planning – including life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. This can help you to make sure you have enough to protect your family, should the unexpected happen.
  • We can also help with financial planning around your exit from the business, whether that comes from exiting your business through achieving unicorn status or from the  profit you have received that you may now wish to reinvest to help meet your financial objectives.

Your Saunderson House adviser will work with you to understand, construct and execute your financial strategy, and establish your risk appetite and time horizon in order to construct an appropriate investment portfolio for you. We will then apply the appropriate elements of our services to fit with your financial needs, for instance planning for retirement, cash flow planning and advising on how to best use tax allowances.

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2018 Research Report: Financial Wellbeing

Our latest research explores what High Net Worth individuals understand financial wellbeing to be and identifies the key factors that can create a sense of wellbeing. We found that while money remains important, pounds and pence are no longer the only yardstick for success, and emotional factors are considered among the most important drivers.

The full report, Financial Wellbeing: more than just pounds and pence is available to download now.

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