Detailed cash-flow planning can help to clarify your future financial situation, and what you may need to adjust in order to achieve your financial goals

Cash-flow planning plays a fundamental part in managing your money in the present as well as safeguarding the financial future for yourself and your loved ones, too. But in order to put together an effective cash-flow plan, a number of factors must be taken into account, over and above your basic incomings and outgoings. That’s where a financial adviser from Saunderson House can help you.

How does cash-flow planning with Saunderson House work?

Using our in-house cash-flow forecasting model, we demonstrate the impact that variables such as inflation, investment market movements, tax and interest rates may have on your portfolio. Such detailed analysis allows us to provide an in-depth cash-flow forecast that is tailored to your specific financial circumstances. By working closely with you to ascertain your anticipated future income and expenditure, we can forecast your expected future financial position. This level of personal cash-flow planning can help answer questions such as:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • What should I be doing with my surplus income?
  • When and from where should I draw on income?
  • Should I consider using equity in my main home or investment property?
  • How much and when can I gift to my children?
  • How much risk should I take in order to reach my desired level of wealth?
  • Will my wealth sustain my standard of living during retirement?
  • Would my family have enough in the event of the unexpected?

This service aggregates the different elements of your portfolio to provide an overall strategy, leading to better decisions across your portfolio. This helps to determine the level of investment risk appropriate for you.

Are you looking for help with your lifetime cash-flow planning? A financial adviser from Saunderson House can guide you through the process. We provide expert advice, giving you peace of mind. Get in touch and see how a personal cash-flow plan can help you.

Case study

Do you know exactly when you could be financially independent? Our real-life case study  describes how, using Cash Flow Forecasting, we helped a client realise they could retire straight away.


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