As you look after patients’ health, let our financial advisers for doctors look after your financial health.

As a medical professional, you attend to the care and wellbeing of others on a daily basis. However, your workload as a doctor often leaves little time for you to think about your own future. Failing to do so can have a negative impact on your finances. So, it’s essential you seek the help of financial advisers for doctors who can protect your family’s future.

Saunderson House’s expert advisers boast a huge depth of experience when it comes to financial planning for doctors. We have an innate knowledge of the complexities that you may face. And that means you can trust us to make sure your finances are well looked after – leaving you free to focus on the life-saving work you do.

Are you in need of expert financial advice for doctors?

Our holistic financial advice for doctors means that we look at each option available to make your money work for you – both now and in the future.

For us, the best financial advice for doctors is guided by your unique needs and considerations. Are you unsure where you stand with your NHS pension? Do you need help to build your investment portfolio? Could our expertise in estate planning for doctors ensure that your family is provided for? The advice we offer is all based on your objectives, risk appetite and timescales.

Let us help you shape the positive future you want to enjoy. Our financial advisers for doctors bring clarity to complex situations – ensuring you see the bigger picture. And it means you get a greater sense of certainty and peace of mind in the decisions you take.

Why you should start planning your financial future today

You can’t afford to leave your finances to chance. At any stage of your career cycle, it is crucial to consider what tomorrow might bring. An expert financial adviser for doctors will help secure your future with robust recommendations.

After all, how much time will you have to properly consider the implications of any decision you take in relation to your wealth? Where patient care takes precedence, it can be a major relief to know that your finances are in good health. At Saunderson House, our advisers provide a broad range of financial planning services for doctors – such as:

  • Retirement planning: As you approach the glide path towards the end of your career, we can help you understand the complexities so that you can plan the lifestyle you want in retirement
  • Estate planning: Our estate planning services for doctors can help protect your wealth for future generations.
  • Cash-flow planning: Using our in-house forecasting model, we can show you the impact of variables such as lifetime gifting, inflation and tax on your investment portfolio and future finances.

Trust us to deliver the expert financial advice you need.

Our specialist financial advisers work with doctors across multiple disciplines. By doing so, it enables us to offer you the benefit of our extensive experience. You can also be sure that all advice is made with your best interests at heart. If we don’t think a certain option will be right for you, we will not suggest or recommend it.

All financial advice we provide to doctors is informed by our exceptional planning and investment management pedigree. For our clients, we bind the two together to create a bespoke and holistic strategy; one that charts the path from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Why Saunderson House?

We recognise how important trust is to the client-adviser relationship. For something as personal as your finances, it is natural to want to be certain of the advice you are receiving. Our pledge to you is that all decisions and recommendations are made in your interests.

All of the financial advisers at Saunderson House are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We have no funds or products of our own to sell. And we put a strong emphasis on creating close bonds with our clients so that we are aligned to your hopes and aspirations.

We are also a multi-award winning team with Corporate Chartered Financial Planning status.

To set up a complimentary call or meeting to discuss your financial needs as a doctor, please get in touch with us now. There is no obligation to engage our services. But we are confident that we can show you the potential of your finances – and how we can prepare you to realise it.


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