Trust in our financial services for dentists and ensure your money works as hard for you as you do for your patients.

As a dentist, you often find yourself in a demanding position. There is a delicate balance for you to strike. On one hand, you have a precious duty of care to your patients. On the other, there is the need to sustain your practice as partner or owner. And with no time left to consider your own wealth, a financial adviser specialising in dentists can be the solution to your personal needs.

The demands are shared across both public and private sectors. At Saunderson House, however, we apply our holistic financial services for dentists in a manner that fits your needs, concerns, or future goals. We combine practical advice with in-depth experience and an acute understanding of your profession. And the intended outcomes are always shaped in collaboration with you.

Financial planning for dentists can be complex and unconventional. But we provide the expertise and knowledge that you need. Your Saunderson House adviser can create the financial portfolios, strategies and structures that are most appropriate to you. And we do this without ever pushing you in a set direction. This is your wealth, your life, your journey; let us help you move forward.

Our financial services for dentists

The main aim of your Saunderson House adviser is to provide you with a comprehensive outlook on your financial future. For practicing and retired dentists alike, it is important to seek the most appropriate financial advice. And this is the foundation of the services we offer; charting the way forward and ensuring each decision we take together is optimised for your future goals.

By progressing through your career as a dentist, it is likely that you will receive a higher income. But you will not get extra time to consider the implications of that income – such as what it may mean for your estate or your future tax obligations. As a financial adviser specialising in dentists, we will assess the current landscape and develop a bespoke strategy that delivers for you.

Our financial services for dentists are provided in two ways to align with your needs. If you want to be involved in the financial decisions that will shape your future, choose our advisory services. But you can also delegate such decisions to your adviser when time simply is not on your side. If you wish to find out more, please contact us for a complimentary consultation with our experts.

The benefits of financial planning for dentists

We appreciate that financial planning might not be an immediate concern for dentists – not least if retirement is still some way off. But there are some important benefits that you could realise if you take proactive measures today. It starts by talking to a specialist adviser who can make you aware of all your options. After all, there are many ways to get your money working for you.

The best financial advisers for dentists will always consider what’s most appropriate for you. The challenges you may face and the goals you want to achieve are entirely unique. So, let us reflect that in the varied services we can offer. Either as a private individual or as a practice owner, our experience and knowledge gives you the chance to protect and enhance your financial wellbeing.

  • Do you require detailed cash-flow planning to manage your finances now – and into the future? Our in-house forecasting model can provide you with a clearer idea of what your future finances could look like – and what next steps you could take.
  • Our financial services for dentists can include forensic pension planning to ensure the lifestyle you want after retirement. Our knowledge of the various NHS pension schemes can provide especially useful when mapping out your financial aspirations.
  • Wills, gifting and Inheritance Tax – these are just some of the considerations that could impact your wealth in later life. With our estate planning expertise, however, we make sure your financial wishes are respected and fulfilled during and after life.

Why Saunderson House?

To know that your finances are in a strong position can be a great relief when you lack the time to manage them as you would wish. Our role as your financial adviser is to deliver peace of mind and a sense of security. And we seek to achieve this by first creating a strong client-adviser bond so that you know your interests are what motivate our approach.

Saunderson House is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We also have Corporate Chartered Financial Planning status, which underpins the expertise and skills we can offer. But our proven record in delivering high-quality financial services for dentists is shown best through the awards we are proud to have received.

We have no products to sell, no funds of our own. We make any decisions and recommendations with the focus solely on your goals. To find out more about why you can trust Saunderson House, contact us today. We will arrange a face-to-face or telephone consultation to discuss your unique concerns – and there’s no obligation.

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