How do I plan for the unexpected?

We pride ourselves on building relationships with you to help you plan for the eventuality of finding yourself in unexpected financial need.

Our clients benefit from the services of a trusted adviser. Someone who will take time and care with their investments and who will help protect and preserve their wealth for the future of their family – should the unexpected occur.

A Saunderson House adviser can help you by:

  • Advising on the appropriate level and form of life assurance, critical illness cover and income protection, and how these interact with benefits you may already receive from your employer/firm
  • Forming a strategy for decreasing debt to help avoid the potential burden on your family
  • Ensuring all policies are placed under trust or assigned as appropriate
  • Advising on tax efficient investing under the constraints of lasting power of attorneys (LPA)
  • Providing peace of mind in the knowledge that we can provide financial clarity to the people closest to you, should we need to.

We also help by building diversification of your investment portfolio, to allow for a variety of unexpected circumstances.

Our financial advisers will work with you to create a plan that is designed to deal with the unexpected. They will consider a range of scenarios to help account for future uncertainty and build a strategy that will allow for unforeseen circumstances.

This strategy is built from a combination of assessing your current wealth, spending and saving behaviours in order to preserve your financial assets for you and your family for years to come.

What type of protection is available?

Having a strategy in place for all eventualities is important. This offers reassurance should an unplanned event occur.

If, for instance, you or a family member were to become seriously ill or you were involved in an accident that impacted on your finances, having an emergency fund in place gives you peace of mind that your expenditure will be covered in the short and medium-term. Income protection and critical illness cover are other important areas of financial planning and we can direct you to the appropriate providers through our professional network.

Our holistic approach

Our financial service provision is holistic. It looks at the whole picture to help you in times of unexpected financial need.

Our Certified Advisers will work with you and your legal advisers, to ensure your life assurance policies are placed into trust.  Using a trust means that beneficiaries usually receive the death benefits free of inheritance tax (IHT) and without having to wait for probate.  We have helped clients with claims and have the skills, expertise and experience to efficiently manage, grow and protect your wealth.

Having a diversified investment portfolio is a sensible strategy and can provide some form of protection and support should you find yourself in unexpected financial need. Here, our in-house team of investment experts will create an asset strategy, helping you to select the right investments now and place you in a good position should the unexpected occur later.

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