Your loved ones are some of the most important and treasured people in your life, so it is only natural and understandable that you would want to make sure that their financial needs are catered for. But how do you make a financial plan for your family? What could be the best ways to pass on wealth to your next generation? And what other factors do you need to consider?

At Saunderson House, we believe that it is essential to put aside enough to pass on your wealth and cover the costs of your family’s future. They are often two of the most important aspects of financial planning. No matter what your aims and ambitions are, our specialist advisers offer the knowledge and expertise to help you to make the decisions that matter to you and your family.

What is financial planning for the family?

Are you starting to think about sharing your hard-earned wealth with those who mean the most to you? Do you want to prepare for life events that lay ahead – whether planned or unplanned? We can help if you need advice on how to best plan for your family’s future. It may be for your child’s education costs, a relative’s long-term care, or passing on wealth to the next generation.

When we talk about financial planning for your family’s future, we mean exactly that. It can be sometimes overlooked – but it is never too late to start. It is a process that considers what you want for your loved ones and how your financial situation can provide for that. There is a lot to consider, too, which is why it can be hugely useful to talk to one of the highly experienced advisers at Saunderson House.

It covers aspects such as long-term estate planning, how to pass on your tax efficiently and ensuring your family’s financial independence for years to come. Our main role as your adviser will be to build the tailored plan that can fulfil those aims. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy, nor are there off-the-shelf plans. Our solutions are based on your family and your unique goals.

How to make a financial plan for your family

The first step is to ensure that you have a plan in place to help you achieve financial independence yourself. You may have already achieved this step. There equally could still be things that you need to do to reach this point. Either way, your adviser will be able to guide you accordingly.

Once you are at the point of financial independence yourself, we consider the plans and hopes you have for your family. Naturally, these are varied – but they are always unique. That’s why we will take the time to get to know you and what matters most to create the most effective plan.

With this information, we can help to make the most of your assets and wealth. This will include tailored recommendations and diversifying how and where they are invested. At all times, this will be based upon your specific goals, risk appetite and time horizons for passing on wealth.

We also help to ensure that your financial plan and investment portfolio are sufficiently dynamic and flexible. After all, there may be other lifestyle changes which occur in the – such as a change in career or early retirement.

How we can help with financial planning for families

At Saunderson House, we combine an in-depth understanding of your needs with the real depth of knowledge and experience that we have built up over numerous years. As with all services that we can offer to our clients, our holistic approach provides real security, confidence and value.

In terms of financial planning for your family, the areas on which we can advise include:

  • How to pass on wealth tax- or without disincentivising your children’s future
  • Helping family members to get onto the property ladder
  • How to plan financially for starting a family
  • Financial planning for children’s education fees – both for school and university
  • Life cover and planning for the unforeseen
  • Financial implications of divorce – e.g., division of pensions and other assets
  • Helping family with – or reducing – any potential inheritance tax liabilities

Can we help you financially plan for your family’s future?

We offer holistic financial planning for s and their families across the UK. If you are starting to look to the future and have goals in mind, our expertise can ensure that you are well placed to achieve them. Our services can be especially valuable to those who do not have either the time or the specific knowledge to take the right decisions at the right time.

You could, for example, work in an intensive profession where the demands of the job can often require a sizeable amount of time and focus. Accountants, barristers, doctors, business owners, lawyers – these are just some of the professions for whom our experience can be much valued. For anyone who needs clarity in how to make a financial plan for their family, we are here for you.

 Why you can trust Saunderson House

When it comes to personal finances, it is essential that your adviser is someone whom you can trust to deliver on your aims and needs. This is made all the more important when it concerns the future of your loved ones. This is why you can count on your Saunderson House adviser:

  • We take a holistic approach to financial planning and investment management; one that aligns fully with the outcomes that you want to achieve.
  • The strategies or recommendations we propose will be informed by our close client-adviser bond. A personal service is at the heart of everything that we do.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of knowledge and ethical practice. It is something that we expect from all members of our team.

In addition, we are proud of the awards that we have received in recognition of the service that we offer to our clients. If you are now thinking about how to make a financial plan for your family, contact us today. With a free initial consultation, we will explain exactly how we can help you.


Financial planning for your family: FAQs

How to pass on generational wealth

It is perfectly understandable that you wish to pass on your wealth to your loved ones. After all, you spent your working life building it up. From pensions to real estate, however, there may be tax rules that affect your plans, so it is important that you seek advice on how best to pass on your generational wealth. here are many strategies you can use to do so.

Your adviser can help you to investigate the most appropriate ways to pass on that wealth. It may be that you would benefit from robust estate planning. Or perhaps you may wish to explore the alternatives to pension investing? Either way, what we bring is insight and foresight. We will be there to help you appraise the risks of your family’s situation – and how to pass on your wealth.

Why do I need to plan for my family’s future?

It is all too simple to lose sight of the long-term picture. But financial planning for your family is such an important step. It is the process by which you can make sure that, whatever lays ahead, nothing is left to chance. And it is also important to remember that it is not just about what may become of your wealth once you pass away.

There may be events and milestones in the years to come for which you would like to provide support. Education, stepping on the property ladder, long-term care – planning now ensures that you have the financial freedom to help your loved ones. Of course, it is also useful to ensure that you minimise any legacy tax implications once you are gone.

The bottom line, however, is that planning now means peace of mind later – whatever the aims.

What happens if my circumstances change?

Life is unpredictable and priorities can change. But this need not cause concern – even after you have started the financial planning process for your family’s future. If your circumstances take a different turn, your Saunderson House adviser can help you to react and adapt. We will continue to explore the options that can deliver on your overall aims.

Even if those aims change, financial planning for your family is not a static process. We can help you pivot and evolve in line with what life brings – ensuring that your loved ones remain looked after.

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