We have been working with the Big 4 accountancy firms consistently for the last 25 years

In today’s world, it is essential to have a clear financial plan. The role of an accountant is to look after the finances of others – whether that is an individual or a company. But who looks after yours? That is where Saunderson House can help. Our award-winning financial planning services include advice specifically for accountants. And we take pride in helping our clients reach their goals.

Still building your career? Or maybe retirement is now in sight? No matter what stage of life you are at, our team is here to help. Around a third of our clients are current or retired partners. We also act on behalf of directors, chairs and senior executives of the Big 4 and other top-tier firms. And you too can benefit from financial planning for accountants that is focused entirely on you.

In need of expert financial planning services for accountants?

We understand the various challenges that come with being an accountant. Intricate compliance obligations and a lack of time to manage your own financial arrangements are just two concerns. But we can help you overcome them; working with you to reach your goals – whatever they are.

At Saunderson House, we offer financial planning for accountants that is only ever based on your unique aims and investment risk appetite. Start by asking yourself what it is you want to achieve – and by when. From this, we can offer expert advice and help determine the right path for you.

It may involve achieving financial independence, for example; or maybe passing on your wealth in a tax-efficient manner is important to you. How about investing for a financial event or simply ensuring peace of mind?  Whatever your needs as an accountant, our financial advice can deliver.

Our work with accountancy partners

We provide a specialist service to all our audit firm partners. In addition, we also have dedicated teams who work with partners at every Big 4 accountancy firm. This allows us to offer a bespoke service that looks to successfully fulfil the needs of our partner clients. At the same time, we aim to ensure that compliance requirements are handled seamlessly.

By working with so many accountancy partners, we are familiar with:

  • Firm-specific compliance requirements – including a pre-approved list of authorised investments for partners of each firm
  • Benchmark pay levels
  • Regularity of profit distributions
  • Firm-specific retirement related pay packages and rules
  • Historical defined-benefit pension arrangements and scheme rules.

It is a combination that enables us to offer holistic financial planning for accountants. And it also allows us to pivot and adapt to cater for your specific requirements and changing circumstances.

Our Services: Financial planning for accountants

As people, we are all different. So, too, are our individual financial goals – and it is important for us to reflect that in our services. Our experienced team of specialists can advise you in all the areas that matter most to you. For accountants, our financial advice spans the following areas:

Financial Independence

It can be easy to focus too much on your financial wellbeing today. But what about tomorrow? We can help you understand your long-term situation – including if and when you could achieve financial independence.

Looking after your family’s future

Your family is important to you, so you will want to be sure that they are looked after in the future. We can put in place a plan that covers any future needs that matter to you – including passing on wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

Help to cover unexpected costs

If you’re an accountant, let our financial advice help when the unexpected happens. By having that strategy in place for all eventualities, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re ready to deal with any surprises.

Saving for a happy retirement

As you approach the end of your career, there are no shortage of questions to ask. When can you afford to retire? And how much do you need for the lifestyle you aspire to? Our financial advisers are here to offer that clarity.

Meeting the cost of long-term care

It can be a difficult conversation – but also be a necessary one. Thankfully, we are here to provide the expert advice and knowledge to protect yourself from the long-term care needs of yourself or a loved one.

For us, the first step is to fully understand your financial needs and ambitions. It is the only way to provide a truly bespoke service. To find out more, please contact us for an initial consultation.

Expert financial planning you can trust

Our work with accountants – and leading accountancy firms – means that we have a full appreciation of your unique challenges. Our financial planning for accountants considers your situation and all factors that could affect it. From this, we provide expert advice that aligns with your needs.

Not all options will be the right fit for you. Not all investment opportunities will suit your appetite for risk. But you will always be in control. Our role is to guide you in a way that we feel will drive you forward to where you want to be. And it is your best interests that we are here to serve.

Why choose Saunderson House?

A focus on client-adviser relationships is at the heart of our services. Your financial health is a confidential and sensitive subject. We recognise that – and treat it as such. Any strategies and plans we develop on your behalf are shaped by both your current situation and future targets. That means that it will always be personal, always be relevant and always be optimised for your benefit.

As an accountant, you know the value of trust when it comes to financial advice. All our financial planners are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we are proud of our multi-award-winning team; one that holds Corporate Chartered Financial Status. We are committed to delivering excellence for all our clients – and we are ready to attend to your financial needs, too.

If you are an accountant and would like a complimentary call or meeting to discuss how we could help you, please get in touch. There’s no obligation, so why not start the conversation today?


What our clients say

Chris Coomber acts for many partners, knows how we work, understands our independence policy, liaises well with the independence people and is interested in building long-term relationships…I’ve been with Saunderson House for a few years as I find them straightforward to deal with, responsive in terms of recommendations and answering my questions, good at listening and sensible in their outlook…I’ve been through a few advisers, these are the best and most user-friendly in my experience”

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