Helping you manage the financial implications of life as a Non-Executive Director (NED)

Whether you are a newly appointed or more experienced NED, you will likely encounter a number of new financial challenges. Earning patterns may have changed in comparison with your previous role, and new commitments mean you probably have little spare time to spend organising your financial arrangements.

How can Saunderson House help?

We can help you make the most of the wealth you have accumulated and plan to meet your future financial objectives. This may include assessing your current financial position and analysing how you can manage your future expenditure and saving, in line with your risk appetite. This approach applies whether you are building a portfolio of remunerative roles or a combination of trustee, salaried and pro-bono positions.

Your Saunderson House adviser will often start by examining your anticipated income and expenditure in the context of investment market moves and inflationary volatility, performing a detailed cash-flow forecast. This will also allow you to plan for capital expenditure. Your adviser will review your pension arrangements and recommend the most appropriate strategy going forward, incorporating, for example, the timing of taking benefits from pensions.

For many of our NED clients, we often also advise on the most effective strategies for:

  • Diversifying risk, reducing single-stock exposure from previous executive roles (at companies which may have suffered recent, widely publicised corporate failings), while creating liquidity to fund any new stock purchase required in your new role(s).
  • Managing the intricate compliance rules surrounding your finances – an important element which demands careful management. This could involve reporting on your holdings to the company secretary and precise adherence to dealing rules and ‘closed’ periods.
  • Reviewing your Will(s) and constructing an effective inheritance tax (IHT) strategy.
  • Pension planning around your NED role. You may now be automatically enrolled into a pension, or find you no longer have life assurance and medical insurance, and need advice to plan around this.

Our financial planning offering sits hand in hand with our in-house investment research expertise, to ensure you receive a seamless, holistic financial service. If you’d like to know more about how Saunderson House can help with the management of your finances as a Non-Executive Director, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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What We Do

2018 Research Report: A financial view of Non-Executive Directors

41% of those transitioning into a NED role are concerned about the income they will have in retirement, according to a recent survey conducted by Saunderson House.

Any career move prompts questions for us to consider. Why do I want this new role? Can I make it work financially? Have I thought through the implications? These questions are equally as important for prospective NEDs as they are for established ones. We’ve compiled a short report summarising the findings from our research.

Download the report here.

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