Do you know when you could become financially independent?

Many people spend their day-to-day lives in extremely busy working roles, with a focus on the ‘here and now’.

It is important to take a step back on occasions to consider your end goal – the purpose of your earnings and savings and the way in which they could be managed in order to fulfil this goal, sooner.

Your Saunderson House adviser can help you to answer questions including:

  • What is financial independence?
  • What will it mean for me?
  • What happens on the journey?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much should I save?
  • Can I change or expand my financial goals?
  • What risks should I take?
  • Do career milestones affect my goals?

We help individuals understand when they could reach financial independence by examining how much they want to spend now and later, for example in retirement. There may be complexities which need to be planned for, like funding long-term care or helping children pay for their first property, or inflationary changes which could impact the value of your wealth.

Our expert advisers will work with you to produce a detailed cash-flow plan, based upon your immediate and longer-term expenditure and saving goals. They consider different scenarios to help clarify future uncertainty, applying the detailed research of our in-house investment team and Chartered Financial Planners to review several scenarios in order to produce a suitable portfolio based upon your financial and life objectives.

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Case study

Could you retire a lot sooner than you think? In our real-life case study, we describe how we helped clients realise they could become financially independent immediately.

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