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Senior independent medical professionals trust us to help them achieve their financial objectives

As a private medical professional, we understand that your life can be subject to extreme time pressures. Whether you are a consultant, dentist, GP, surgeon or other private health professional, work can be demanding and the need to balance your priorities is paramount.

You could be running a private practice alongside your NHS commitments, or operating solely in the private sector. Either way, we can help by applying our expertise to manage your finances and investments.

We understand that you may have a complex remuneration package and a mix of pension arrangements from private, NHS and possibly academic work. We provide high-quality financial planning and investment management services, to help make sure your wealth is working hard for you.

How we can help you

Saunderson House can help you achieve financial independence and help provide peace of mind over your financial matters. We want to allow you to focus on looking after your patients and have complete freedom to enjoy your time out of clinic, knowing your financial future and aspirations are in safe hands.

Our team of expert financial planners will work with you to help navigate pension complexities, use appropriate tax allowances and construct a portfolio suitable for your specific financial objectives, time horizon and attitude to risk. We can tailor our service to suit you, delivering either an advisory service – where clients have the opportunity to be involved in ongoing decisions made around their portfolio, or discretionary service – where the management of day-to-day investment decisions is delegated to us.

Whether you are planning for the distant future or approaching retirement, putting a plan in place to cover your children’s education costs, or considering when you may be able to step away from medicine and pursue other passions without changing your current lifestyle, we have the expertise to help.

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Tom Walklate
Chartered Financial Planner
Following an undergraduate degree in Human Geography at Southampton Read More
2018 Research Report: Financial Wellbeing

Our latest research explores what High Net Worth individuals understand financial wellbeing to be and identifies the key factors that can create a sense of wellbeing. We found that while money remains important, pounds and pence are no longer the only yardstick for success, and emotional factors are considered among the most important drivers.

The full report, Financial Wellbeing: more than just pounds and pence is available to download now.

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