Senior independent medical professionals trust us to help them achieve their financial objectives

For private medical professionals, extreme time constraints can be a major challenge in life. It doesn’t matter if you are a consultant, dentist, GP, surgeon or other healthcare worker. Often, your work is demanding and the need to balance your priorities is paramount. That is why you can trust our financial advice for medical professionals to look after your future.

Do you run a private practice alongside your NHS commitments? Or are you operating solely in the private sector? Either way, our financial advisers for medical professionals are here with the guidance and planning expertise you need to work towards your goals. We apply our considerable expertise with one aim: to manage your finances and investments in a way that is best for you.

We know you may have a complex remuneration package. You may also have a mix of pension arrangements from private, NHS and possibly academic work to consider. Our response will be to develop a high-quality, bespoke financial planning structure that will make sure your wealth is working hard for you. And financial planning and investment management is an essential way to do this.


How Saunderson House can help

We can help you achieve financial independence and provide peace of mind about your future. Our aim is to allow you to focus on looking after your patients. At the same time, however, we  want you to feel free to enjoy your life out of clinic. As you do, our specialist financial advisers for medical professionals will make sure your future goals and aspirations are in safe hands.

Our team of experts will work with you to understand what is important to you. In offering our financial advice for medical professionals, we cover a broad spectrum of considerations. This is designed to help you navigate retirement complexities, use appropriate tax allowances and build your portfolio. And this will consider your specific objectives, time horizon and attitude to risk.

Ultimately, we can tailor our service to suit you. We can deliver an advisory service where you have the chance to be involved in ongoing decisions made around your portfolio. Or we offer a discretionary service where management of your day-to-day investment decisions is delegated. However you believe we can help, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Are you planning for the distant future? Approaching retirement? Putting a plan in place to cover your children’s education costs? Or are you looking at when you may be able to step away from medicine and pursue other passions – without changing your current lifestyle? We recognise that each individual is different and so too are their aims in life.

Only by seeking specialist financial advice for medical professionals can you gain a detailed understanding of your current situation – and what needs to happen next to move you towards your goals. In such situations, we have the expertise to help. And we can provide a wide range of services to our clients – such as:

  • Advising on cash-flow planning to bring clarity to your future financial situation and how best to achieve your ambitions.
  • Helping you to make the most of your life after retirement with our in-depth retirement planning
  • Protecting the long-term needs of you and your family through the development of an appropriate estate planning.


High-quality financial advice for medical professionals

Our financial advisers can support medical professionals across numerous disciplines and levels of seniority. NHS or private, we can help and advise on your financial matters – while you focus on providing high-quality care at work.

We are here for doctors, dentists, surgeons, consultants and General Practitioners among others. If you are starting to think about your financial future, our expertise can ensure you arrive at the solutions and strategies that are best suited to you.

Why Saunderson House?

It is important to know that your financial future is in safe hands. At Saunderson House, we are committed to providing the highest standards of service to all our clients. When you turn to our financial advice for medical professionals, you can be sure that our number one motivation is to make decisions and recommendations that are right for you.

One aspect that is central to our planning and investment management services is our focus on partnership. We create strong client-adviser bonds that ensure you get the outcome you want.

  • We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • We have been awarded Corporate Chartered Financial Planning status
  • We are multi-award-winning – showing our reputation for excellence.


For more details, please get in touch with our specialist team. We will arrange a complimentary call or meeting to discuss how our financial advice for medical professionals can help you. There is no obligation – but we will show you how we can ensure you are prepared for the future. And, in doing so, we will be at your side to guide you towards your financial goals in years to come.


What our clients say

Tom Walklate, Associate Director

“I am very happy to provide a testimonial for Tom who has been acting as my financial advisor over the last three years. I am particularly pleased with the performance of the various investments that he has helped me with, and have appreciated the personalized approach to advice, in particular in relation to managing my specific attitude to risk. We have regular discussions regarding my Saunderson House investments, and on other occasions when I need periodic advice he is always available for this.”


Key Contact

Tom Walklate
Associate Director
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