When can I afford to retire?

A precious and important life stage for many people; with the right retirement planning and pension advice, it could also be closer than you think.

A precious and important life stage for many people; with the right retirement planning and pension advice, it could also be closer than you think.

For many people, the savings they accumulate during their working lives are meant to help them to become financially secure in retirement. But, all too often, people will continue to save with no clear retirement planning goal. After all, knowing how much you need to live the life you have grown accustomed to is not easy – not least when this must provide for the whole of your retirement.

As a result, this can create uncertainty. But we can provide a clearer picture. If you are looking for clarity on when you can afford to retire in harmony with your financial goals, our team can provide you with the guidance you need. Whether your retirement is a long way in the distance or drawing nearer, our holistic retirement savings and pension advice can help provide for your non-working years.

How can Saunderson House help?

At Saunderson House, our teams are highly experienced in financial planning for retirement and delivering specialist investment advice before and after retirement. Some of the areas in which we can help you include:

  • Managing your assets to grow your investment portfolio
  • Offering detailed pension advice, including contributions and tax implications in light of the complex pension ‘freedom’ legislation changes introduced in April 2015
  • Planning a decumulation strategy using pension and non-pension investments
  • Providing lifestyle planning in the context of detailed cash-flow forecasting
  • Making you aware of the financial complexities you might need to plan for

Your Saunderson House adviser will provide you with regular retirement planning reviews so you know how your investments are performing. Depending on your needs, you can choose for us to deliver our service on an advisory basis, which means you are involved in the ongoing decisions made around your portfolio.

Alternatively, you can choose for us to act on a discretionary basis, where you delegate the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio to us.

Why financial planning for retirement is important

It is never too soon to start thinking about financial planning for your retirement. We appreciate that planning ahead can be a complicated process − but that is where our teams can help. And it is a good idea to start the retirement planning process sooner rather than later.

People are now expected to live longer than ever, according to official statistics. And that is only set to increase in the years to come. As such, retirement now represents a much greater proportion of our lives. So, it is important to save enough to cover the costs of living longer.

By getting a head start on your retirement planning, we can help you make sure you enjoy the post-retirement lifestyle you worked and save hard for. Making the right decisions today can help to ensure a high-quality standard of living for tomorrow − supported by your retirement savings and investments.

How much do you need to save for retirement?

There are many factors to consider when calculating your retirement savings pot, some of which will be personal to you and the lifestyle that you are aiming to achieve. By understanding your financial requirements and objectives, our teams will help develop and execute clear financial plans for your retirement − no matter when you want that to be.

Your future lifestyle is a core part of retirement planning. As such, this will ultimately guide and influence how much you need – and, indeed, want – to save now to reach that point. How best to achieve that with the various retirement savings options available to you is where our teams can assist. Whether you have an amount in mind or need savings and investment advice that covers all considerations, contact us today.

Making your money go further during retirement

The amount that you build up in retirement savings can make a significant difference when the time comes. But we also have extensive experience in helping our clients make their money go further − even after retirement.

Our tailored pension advice helps you make the right decisions on when, and how, you access your pension pot. This is now more important in light of changes to the pension freedom rules that offer increased choice and flexibility. With the multiple tax implications of options such as income drawdown or purchasing annuities, an incorrect decision can have major consequences.

For us, it is not enough to help you ensure you are saving sufficiently for later life. We also pride ourselves on creating strategies based on sound planning and investment advice after retirement – creating and capitalising on the potential to make your money go further.

Why Saunderson House?

From award-winning retirement planning services to expert investment advice after retirement, Saunderson House is here to assist – caring for your all future needs. With a truly bespoke and holistic approach that focuses on your individual financial requirements, we bring much-needed clarity to your financial future in retirement.

Our service to you is always a personal one – building strong, lasting relationships with clients who come to us for trustworthy support and guidance. Financial planning for retirement can be complex. But, with our advisers’ depth of knowledge and experience in all relevant areas, we can help you make informed decisions that will shape your financial future for years to come.

Contact us now for more details or to arrange a complimentary, no-obligation discussion about your retirement.

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