We value the diversity of our employees and are committed to creating an inclusive culture where people can be their authentic selves and feel they belong at Saunderson House.

Fairness and consistency are important to us and we want to attract and retain talent and enable all employees to reach their full potential. We encourage employees to bring the best of themselves to work and in line with our ‘Working Together’ value always treat others with the respect and compassion we would expect to receive ourselves. Everyone at Saunderson House is responsible for making the business an inclusive workplace and we encourage employees to share ideas, collaborate and speak up.

We are inclusive.  We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view.  We believe diversity in our workforce drives innovation, so we are building a culture where difference is valued.

We have two female non-executive directors, achieving 25% female board representation and a defined three-year Diversity Strategy. We acknowledge that we are on a journey and there is more we want to do to advance diversity and inclusion at Saunderson House.  To begin with we have set ourselves 3 core goals around increasing female representation in senior roles, adjusting our recruitment and selection process to support better diversity and continuing to support working parents and their return to work.

Additionally, we have set up the Women in Wealth Committee whose aim is to support successful female entrepreneurs and business women to achieve their financial goals and empower women within our business to excel in their financial planning careers and reach their full potential.  Tony Overy, CEO is our Accountable Executive sponsoring our strategy to increase diversity in all areas of the organisation.