Joe Ridgley

Joe joined Saunderson House Ltd as a graduate in 2011, having graduated from The University of Exeter, achieving Chartered Status in October 2017.  Joe spent 18 months away from Saunderson House, working as an account manager with Standard Life before returning to us in January 2020 having widened his knowledge of the Financial Planning landscape.

Joe’s clients include both current and former partners of the big 4 accountancy firms, navigating the specific compliance requirements that their needs require, whilst ensuring their financial planning needs including retirement, tax and estate planning are met.  Joe enjoys the peace of mind that competent financial planning can provide to client’s who’s busy lives require their attentions elsewhere.

Outside of work, Joe continues to play competitive rugby having plied his trade at National 2 level for the 2019/20 season with Sutton & Epsom RFC, whilst he admits his body may not be up to it for much longer.  Joe also enjoys the cinema and travelling (although this usually has a sporting event that the trip is planned around).