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Max Folland

Max joined Saunderson House in September 2008.

His career journey at Saunderson House since then has been fascinating, with an evolving financial planning industry and volatile global investment markets to plan around.

An experienced Chartered Financial Planner, Max is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial and personal objectives, such as building an asset base for retirement, funding children’s education or analysing the affordability of gifts to immediate family or others.

The majority of Max’s clients are time poor and he aims to provide clients with the peace of mind that their financial planning is taken care of. He mainly looks after clients at Deloitte, EY, Simmons & Simmons, other leading London based firms and those who have reached retirement.

In his spare time, Max’s main focus is his wife and two children. He also enjoys playing golf and travelling.

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Max Folland
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Max Folland
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