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We work in partnership with you

As independent financial planners and investment specialists experienced in serving Private Equity and Venture Capital individuals, we provide you with high quality services which are not influenced by, or biased towards any internal products, services or funds.

We have a close working relationship with the BVCA and a professional network of expert connections. This enables us to provide a holistic, tailored and integrated financial planning service, incorporating the services of specialists in areas including, for example, FX, lending, or setting up a Family Investment Company.

This combination means we only make decisions and recommendations which we believe are truly valuable for you and specifically aligned to your individual financial goals and investment risk scope. This might include managing a core portfolio diversified from your private equity/venture capital interests, or using your and your family’s base tax allowances.

You likely have considerable investment knowledge in your field. We focus on how we can apply our expertise to complement and add value in areas such as inheritance tax, family investment planning and cash flow forecasting, as well as your underlying investment portfolio. We work to establish a strategic relationship with you to manage the intricate elements of your finances, assisting you by delivering:

  • A holistic view of your finances or a specific matter-led planning approach
  • A human approach to managing risk and in the context of your Private Equity or VC investments, recommending the best ways to increase liquidity, reduce volatility and diversify investments
  • Effective cash flow management to provision for liquidity events whilst ensuring that cash is put to work in the meantime
  • An objective, acutely researched view on the investment environment and resulting recommendations for your portfolio
  • Transparent reporting of returns and fees and the availability of an hourly-rate charging structure, meaning our charges are tangibly linked to the depth and complexity of work required
  • A highly proactive approach supported by our unique team-based structure. We recognise the extremely busy and often complex nature of our clients’ circumstances.

A dedicated adviser will work with you to recommend the best combination of services to suit your objectives and underlying risk appetite.

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Lawrence Mason
Lawrence joined the financial services industry 20 years ago after Read More
2018 Research Report: Financial Wellbeing

Our latest research explores what High Net Worth individuals understand financial wellbeing to be and identifies the key factors that can create a sense of wellbeing. We found that while money remains important, pounds and pence are no longer the only yardstick for success, and emotional factors are considered among the most important drivers.

The full report, Financial Wellbeing: more than just pounds and pence is available to download now.