“I have been with Saunderson house for 9 years and have been delighted with their service. They are extremely user friendly and their reports are interesting and intelligible. They think about my portfolio and don’t just wait for me to ask about things, they are pro-active. I get continuity of client service which is important, and I never feel they are trying to sell. Their advice is always objective.”

Partner, PwC


“Saunderson House acts for many partners, knows how we work, understands our independence policy, liaises well with the independence people and is interested in building long-term relationships…I’ve been with Saunderson House for a few years as I find them straightforward to deal with, responsive in terms of recommendations and answering my questions, good at listening and sensible in their outlook…I’ve been through a few advisers, these are the best and most user-friendly in my experience”.

Partner, PwC


“I highly value the investment and financial planning advice that Saunderson House provide me and particularly appreciate the professionalism and simplicity of their administration and implementation that frees up valuable time. I would certainly recommend their services.”

Former Partner, PwC


“Saunderson House have helped me reorganise, rationalise and reappraise my portfolio of pension and other investments and those of my wife and children. They have made me feel comfortable with the decisions that I have taken through that process and I have found them extremely user friendly to work with. Their role has very much simplified the situation for me taking away the vast majority of the management process. I always feel that they are entirely professional in their advice and they seem very efficient and accurate in their execution. I never truly felt comfortable with my previous financial adviser, and that certainly limited the openness of my dealings with him. With Saunderson House they have built a trusting relationship with me, enabling fuller conversations and as a result better informed advice”

PwC Partner


“Objective, well-informed advice coupled with totally reliable implementation of agreed actions. I no longer have to spend my own time worrying about financial investments.”

Retired Partner, PwC

Key Contact

Chris Coomber
Associate Director
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