Chartered Financial Planners

What is Corporate Chartered Financial Planners status?

Our Corporate Chartered Financial Planners status demonstrates commitment to the highest degree of knowledge, capability and ethical practice. Likewise, we make it a priority for all our advisers to gain individual Chartered status.

As a Chartered firm, we must ensure staff acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality advice. They must also work in an ethical manner that places clients’ interests at the heart of the advice they give.

Genuine professionalism has never been so valued – or so necessary. The Chartered titles awarded are today’s gold standard of excellence and integrity.

What is individual Chartered Financial Planner status?

To attain Chartered Financial Planner status as an individual means studying for a series of exams in financial services and related subjects. This takes several years to achieve.

Chartered Financial Planners are also required to have five years relevant professional experience, and demonstrate ongoing learning. They also have to be members of the Personal Finance Society, the professional body for Financial Planners.

It is a standard that we set that all our advisers must be chartered, 35 of 39 of our advisers have individual Chartered Financial Planner status.